Do you need a cheap, best and free insurance quote?

The way we are purchasing insurance is very old and insurance companies do not need to change it. Why? Because we are still paying them.
Have you ever seen any broke or poor insurance company?


How Insurance Companies Sell Insurance?

Insurance companies hire sales representatives based on commission. A (typical) sales person will create a community / network based on their social activities. By telling worse stories about previous challenges and the benefit of insurance policies, they create “fear” and people purchase insurance.

These sentences might be familar for you:

  • It doesn’t happen for me? it happens for anyone!
  • Who will care about your familly if you die?
  • My friend had accident 2 years ago, but he sued last week. He wasn’t insure.


Yes, Goodbye to the next year at the renewal time.


What was Traditional Marketing Approach

Hiring more salesperson, more competition, more advertisements and more stories to tell and crearting more fear to push people get an insurance quote

This pushing approach is familiar for all of us.


What is the New Marketing Approach?

Do you think it has changed? Absolutely NO.

The tools have been changed. The insurance companies are using the Internet ant its features to (still) PUSH. Google earned over 33 billion dollars and most of them come from insurance companies. On average, when you press an insurance advertisiment on Google, they will be charged over $50.

Do you think who will pay that $50?


Indeed, the insurance companies adjust the old method on the new tools.


What is our solution?

We have provided this website for you and also for licensed independent insurance brokers to find decrease the cost of advertising and making everything simple. We are a market of supply and needs and we want to decrease the total cost of insurance in our community.

Why should we prepare this tool?

By reducing the cost of advertising for insurance brokers (not insurance companies), the competative price will be offer to you.


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