Business networking app Scheduit is the only matchmaking app using machine-learning to measure compatibility between users

– Initially using LinkedIn data, the app had to revise its entire matchmaking algorithm to overcome the professional network’s API restriction to third-party developers

– Scheduit promises to revolutionise business networking at the summer’s hottest tech conference, EnterConf, in Belfast

If you’re after successful business meet-ups, look no further. The brand new business-networking app, Scheduit, is available for free download on the app store.

As the only networking app on the market using machine-learning to measure compatibility, Scheduit will significantly improve business networking by helping users set up fruitful meetings wherever they are in the world.

“While online social networks make it easier for individuals to network across the globe, enterprises seeking opportunities beyond their local markets still find it challenging to set up meetings with potential business collaborators. Our goal is to improve the way global business networking is done, and our solution is Scheduit,” said founder and CEO Dr Abdalla Kablan.

The app was initially designed to borrow public profile information from LinkedIn, until the professional network restricted third-party developers from making use of its API last month.

“We had to revise the entire matchmaking algorithm since the amount of data we could analyse through LinkedIn was very limited for our app to work effectively. We redesigned the sign-up process to a more interactive one, giving the user more control. In hindsight, LinkedIn’s decision was a blessing in disguise,” said Dr Kablan.

Scheduit ( has embraced the future of social networking by connecting you with compatible matches outside your network. The web-based app takes advantage of reverse social networking and facilities the introduction between two people who wouldn’t otherwise know one another. It is designed to match you with compatible partners based on your interests, skills and endorsements to make sure you meet the right people.

Scheduit has been launched in beta stage and is available for free via For more information log on to and interact on twitter (@scheduit).

Scheduit has been short-listed among some of the world’s best techies and enterprise startups to participate at this year’s EnterConf in Belfast.

For official media inquiries and interviews with the CEO/Founder get in touch via e-mail (


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