All new Lotus Super Elise

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    Billa Kumar

    Julian Thomson is the man behind the stunning Jaguar C-X75 concept, a car that needs no introduction. He is also the man behind these sketches that a preview of what he wants to be the Lotus Elise super.

    The Jaguar Advanced Design Director published the two photos on Twitter and raged the Internet community. With the ability to see how a car from Lotus reality, which is hardly a surprise.

    Julian was the one who brought the Elise Series 1 model in the world and has by his own statements that you can not out, just as he wanted. Knowing how the auto industry works, we can definitely see why this happened. However, he hopes things differently with his new creation.

    Compared to the Elise, this new car should be 30 mm deep, and between 75 and 100 mm wide in the hips, at least if we believe what he had to say.

    Just by looking at the renderings, you can tell that this is a car that will take no prisoners, at least if we by what we get to judge now. However, things are likely to change little by. The time for the road in the garment production

    Either way, it was rumored that the engine under the hood still a Honda V-TEC unit with a sequential gearbox, to the rear wheels are sending will be the power, of course. Given the construction and the hopes of the Lotus community has, we think that this is as a daily driver that could go either way in terms of sales more focused track car

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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