Field Agent Canada conducted a mobile survey about the grocery shopping habits of Canadians from coast to coast between September 15 and September 23, 2015. We wanted to find out which retailers are Canada’s Favorite Supermarkets 2015.

The survey engaged 974 Canadians and looked at overall perceptions on both a National and Regional basis given that the grocery landscape is so unique from one region of the country to the other.

“When we asked respondents to provide an overall score for the two retailers that they shop at most for groceries, the retailer with the highest score is Farm Boy, an independent grocery chain based in Ottawa with 19 stores across Ontario,” says Jeff Doucette, General Manager of Field Agent Canada. “This is an up and coming retailer that is definitely one to watch!”

Rounding out the Top 5 scores were Longo’s (Ontario), Loblaws (Ontario / Quebec), Save on Foods (BC / Alberta) and Your Independent Grocer (National excl. Quebec). Three of the five are independent chains, while Your Independent Grocer is a franchise chain from Loblaw, which also counts its namesake banner in the Top 5.

“It is interesting to note that all retailers in the Top 5 are ‘full-service’ supermarkets and all of the banners have been growing their number of stores in the past couple of years,” noted Doucette. “These are the operators that other supermarket executives should have their eye on.”

The average grade for the overall score of all retailers is only a “B” – it is clear that Canadians want their supermarkets to do more and be better.

Beyond finding Canada’s Favorite Supermarkets, the study also investigates the performance of key areas of the store such as Produce, Meat and Seafood and takes a look at various elements of the shopping experience including customer service, store cleanliness and checkout speeds.

“Each retailer has specific strengths and weaknesses and this data will be interesting both to industry executives and the average Canadian grocery shopper,” stated Doucette. “We are excited to have completed the most thorough study into Canadian perceptions about Supermarkets in recent memory.”

In addition to National results, the full study highlights the best performing grocers in each category for six regions across Canada (BC/North, Alberta, Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec & Atlantic).

Full results can be downloaded at

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Field Agent is the first mobile app that pays Canadians to collect data and complete surveys while they shop. Since our launch in October 2011 we have paid over $1 million to the 44,000 users of our app. Using Field Agent is easy. Just download the app to your Android or Apple smartphone, answer a few profile questions and start earning money!

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